Critical Power Protection

From Standard to Full Custom

Why Choose Our Power Protection?

Industrial manufacturing involves hundreds of steps. These take place on a variety of tools from laser cutters to CNC machines, and from testers to analyzers. Most of these automated equipment require substantial electrical power and stability.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution that will work to ensure power availability and quality. Instead, what is needed is a fit-for-purpose approach. The power solution should be customized as needed for a specific process and load type.

We are experts at industrial power dynamics, how uninterruptible power supplies vary in terms of design, and how they react to a power failure or glitch.

Our Expertise

Let's look at four examples:

  • Laser cutters
  • CNC machines
  • Coolant pumps
  • Exhaust fans

The electrical requirement for all of these differ. For instance, laser cutters and CNC machines need UPS designed to handle high fluctuations in current draw and high counter-electromotive force. The idea is to prevent problems caused by transient power glitches, such as the end product warping to the point of being scrap or the equipment going out of calibration and needing time-consuming maintenance.

In other instances, coolant pumps or exhaust fans might need a three-phase power solution, with a large reserve battery intended to run the pumps and fans for an extended period. The idea is to prevent dangers caused by an extended power outage. An exhaust failure, for example, can make a production facility hazardous to workers as toxic fumes build up on the plant floor.

Industrial UPS for Laser Cutters

Sudden surge or drop in current draw

Specific voltage and frequency

Modern laser equipment are sensitive to the power quality. Their controllers or the brains require a specific voltage at the right frequency with zero tolerance. Even a slight deviation may result in erroneous output (e.g. beam forming).

Industrial UPS for CNC Machines

High counter-electromotive force

Reverse energy protection

When rotating element of a motor runs faster than its voltage drive control, this motor begins to act as a generator and feeds energy back to the source. UPS that are not designed to handle this re-generative energy will fail.

Industrial UPS for Coolant Pumps

High inrush current

Motor protection system

These may need a three-phase solution with overload capacity to start the motor, and a large reserve battery intended to run the pumps for an extended period.

Industrial UPS for Exhaust Fans

Bidirectional power supply

Large battery room

These may need a bidirectional power source depending on the direction of airflow, and a large battery room that can run the fans for an extended period.

Our Capability

In-house PCB modeling & layout

In-house software & firmware development

Multi CPU redundancy

Process level redundancy

Custom alarm and control

Advanced diagnostic and logging

Advanced power management

Remote monitoring

Remote system management

Enclosure IP

Wide temperature range

True galvanic isolation

EMI and surge suppression

Input and output filters

Power conditioner

Voltage regulator

Charging station code compliance

Industrial safety & EMC standards

Programmable intelligent battery charger

Robust fault tolerance & recovery

Motor protection system

Customization for battery profiles

Customization for load profiles

Wide Range of Configuration & Options

  • 3 Phase In, 3 Phase Out
  • 3 Phase In, Single Phase Out
  • Single Phase In, 3 Phase Out
  • Split Phase System
  • Rectifier or Charger (AC In, DC Out)
  • Inverter (DC In, AC Out)
  • N+1 Redundancy
  • 30kVA
  • 50kVA
  • 100kVA
  • 150kVA
  • 200kVA
  • 400kVA
  • 500kVA
  • 1000kVA
  • 2000kVA
  • 600/347V
  • 480/277V
  • 440/254V
  • 415/240V
  • 400/230V
  • 380/220V
  • 220/127V
  • 208/120V
  • 200/115V
  • 25Hz
  • 50Hz
  • 60Hz
  • 99.75Hz
  • 100Hz
  • 400Hz
  • 500Hz
  • 600Hz

Finding and implementing the right power solution can save energy, protect your equipment and people, and reduce waste in multiple ways. Our expertise and capability help you optimize operations and stay code compliant.

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