IT6000B Shortlisted for the Elektra Awards 2019

The shortlist for the Elektra Awards 2019 was announced this week, and we are extremely pleased to see that ITECH has been shortlisted in the TEST PRODUCT OF THE YEAR category. Only 7 products were selected worldwide. Among the products in the power supply category, only one was shortlisted, namely the ITECH IT6000B high-performance power supply and electronic load.

ITECH's shortlist product IT6000B series is a combination of cutting-edge technology that reduces the space, cost and efforts on DUT for separate units:

  • High power density 18kW in 3U space
  • Modular design allows up to 1152 kW
  • Patented "Optical Fiber Parallel" technology eliminates the drawbacks of traditional "Analog Signal Parallel" technology
  • Seamless switch between source and sink
  • Bidirectional energy flow between DUT and power grid
  • Ultra-high regenerative rate up to 95% saves cost for both electricity and cooling system
  • Suitable for a full range of electric vehicle electronics testing, fuel cell testing, battery charge & discharge testing, battery simulations, and more.

The IT6000B series is the kind of cutting-edge automated testing equipment (ATE) that can easily meet the complex test requirements of electric vehicle electronics with unparalleled efficiency.